Gouldian HEN BH WB Yellow  $125  

Please try The Finch Farm if you don't see what you are looking for on my website. Thank you for browsing my beautiful Gouldians.

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Deposits accepted to hold birds

Please call/text/email for details.  281-773-4125 kristycoury@comcast.net

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Gouldian HENRH PB Yellow $125 


*Shipping available with weather permitting and minimum purchase requirements. ( $400 AIR, $200 USPS )

(Within 4-5 hours of League City, TX only)  

     Gouldian HEN BH PB Normal SOLD 

quality parent raised finches

Finches By Kristy

Society Finch (2 Hens)  : $20 each

OH WB Yellow MALE $125

     Gouldian HEN OH PB Yellow  SOLD

BH PB Yellow MALE $125

OH WB Yellow HEN $125